The Thirty Day Challenge

1 Aug

Hey – finally decided what I’m going to do with this blog! And if the title is any indication, perhaps you’ve figured it out already 😉 . . .

Yep, I’m going to use it to follow my progress, notes, insights, etc in the Thirty Day Challenge.

But first – here’s a picture of me sitting outside where the kids are playing in the nice, warm summer sun (for once!) . . .


So, there’s me from about 5 minutes ago.

On to the Challenge –

Watched the video of Dan’s 30DC toolbar. That was great! Got the toolbar downloaded and installed. It’s awesome! It’s going to be a real asset to the whole deal.

Got Twitbin, a Mac app for Twitter on Firefox installed. It’s happily fetching twitters every few minutes. I can follow along with what everyone else is doing. Very cool little app! I think Ed talked about it a couple days ago. You should be able to find it in the pre-season training if you need it.

Already had Stumbleupon, digg, and a couple other things installed so didn’t have to worry about those.

I’m going to listen to the podcast again here in a few minutes and I’ll make notes on the actual content later today.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of the 30DC.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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