The Challenge of The Thirty Day Challenge or How I Became a Toolbar Junkie

4 Aug

As you may know, The Thirty Day Challenge hosted by Ed Dale and Dan Raine began August 1st and though it’s only a few days into the challenge at this point, I have a problem.


Normally, I *hate* toolbars and do not have ANY installed on my browser except the bookmarks bar, which I find very useful as it’s like a shortcut to all the bookmarks I use regularly. But other than that, before the 30DC, I never had any installed. I just hated them. And that’s putting it mildly.

But . . . since the pre-season began, Ed has shown us all of these cool tools that he proposed we install on Firefox – namely, what seems like a boatload of toolbars. I now have 5. Yikes!

However, it’s not so bad. These toolbars are actually quite useful and are indeed speeding up what I can do with my work and how much I can get in a given period of time. Very nice.

Thanks, Ed!

You’ve made me a toolbar junkie! 😉

Keep up the excellent work on the Challenge. Although I am not a newbie, starting from square one, as they say, has been a good thing for me and I really think the Challenge will take me to a higher level in my business.

~ Annie
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