Taking Breaks

12 Aug

Since the start of the 30 Day Challenge, Ed Dale as advocated taking time to get out of the house/office and into the “real” world. So – this weekend I have largely spent doing other things.

Friday evening my husband took the kids for a walk to the corner store to get ice cream. That left me with some much needed peace and quiet for half an hour or so. I used the time to just relax in the quietness a little bit and listen to music, which is always wonderful time spent.

Saturday my oldest daughter and I went shopping. First, we went to the office supply store to look at school supplies, keyboards and headsets. I needed some new pens too (mine always seem to go missing with 4 sets of kid fingers in the house!) and had quite a time picking them out. Guess I’m too picky for your average pen. 😉 (That must be the writer in me.) Also looked for colored envelopes for our invitations to a birthday bash our family is having in September. Didn’t find anything interesting, though. Didn’t find any good headsets, either.

After shopping there for an hour, we headed over to the street fair where a friend of mine had a booth. We chatted with her for a little while then checked out all the other booths. Found a gal who makes her own tea from ingredients she (mostly) grows organically herself. Purchased 3 flavors for my mom whose birthday was Friday. She loves tea so the gift is perfect. She’s been busy, though, so I haven’t seen her yet this weekend. I’m sure she will love them and I can’t wait to give them to her. The seller was out of the tea tins to put them in so they’re just wrapped in a bright plastic wrapper. Mom will get a kick out of that.

Once we were done at the street fair, we went to another store to look at headsets there. I did find one that I liked well enough but it’s not exactly what I wanted but I decided to buy it anyway. I’m going to have to take it back, however, because the cord was broken when I opened the package! That’s quite a bummer. 😦

We then headed to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping. I always find it easier to shop when I’m hungry because otherwise nothing sounds appetizing. I enjoy cooking but I’m not a real big eater. In fact, I only eat because it’s necessary. It would not hurt my feelings at all if one day God decided we could survive without food. 😉 Then with the shopping done, we headed home.

We noticed lots of interesting things in our adventures yesterday and the street fair has given me TOO many ideas. It’s now a matter of whittling them down to something that is not only interesting but that has potential.

Today I have just been relaxing and listening to music. Loaded a bunch more of my CD’s into iTunes and played around with Facebook a little bit.

Now it’s time for some coffee and a snack . . . hope you’re enjoying the weekend and getting caught up with the day’s lessons.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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