Magic happens when . . .

21 Aug

Magic happens when all the pieces come together. And that’s what I think has happened in today’s training. Everything Ed and Dan have been teaching step-by-step have all culminated today into a big picture.

I like big pictures. Details are great too. But big pictures show me how the whole, the sum of those parts. And that way, I can follow the trail. It’s like looking at the whole map before embarking on the trip. That works for me. Honestly, I wish Ed had given us the map at the beginning so we could follow along at each bend. For me, that would have made much better sense instead of just blindly going along.

But I realize that’s just me. 😉 And many others will not see it the same way. That’s ok.

Embarking on this journey was interesting for me. I’m not usually one to just follow along blindly. So this has been an education in several things in addition to the marketing and business materials we’re learning.

So, today’s training has been great. I can now go back, look at all the steps we’ve been through, put them into my mindmap and see what’s been happening as we’ve traveled this road. I can assess where I’ve been and see if I’m still on track to get to the destination. That’s worth a lot and is more valuable than anything else. Well, except maybe the research.

In any case, I’ve enjoyed todays podcast and PDF. Gotta go get my new copies of iLife and iWork – I know, I’m behind here. But I’ve been following the 30 Day Challenge so closely, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for much else, though I have taken time out to spend with my family and take care of normal daily things. Just had no time for extras like shopping at Apple. 😉

Anyway, thanks Ed for another great lesson!

~ Annie

Oh – and for the record, I really like Kelly Clarkson.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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