The Usefulness of Twitter

22 Aug

The Usefulness of Twitter

You know, I wasn’t sure of the usefulness of Twitter when I first heard about it. Seemed like a huge waste of space and time. But I signed up anyway and installed a desktop client so I didn’t have to have the browser open all the time to follow along.

Even so, I fully expected the novelty to wear off in a few days and it would go quietly into the night as such programs often do.

Boy, was I surprised!

It’s still hanging around my desktop via Twitterific (an app for Mac), chirping away every time someone sends a twitter. And I quite enjoy it being there.

And I have found, it is VERY useful.

Right, you say?

Well . . . yes, it is!

See, it’s good for networking, exploring websites, learning, communication, sharing, and it has become of those “social best friends” Ed Dale talks about in the 30 Day Challenge. Those friends that get you into the nightclub. 😉

I have found websites I probably would not know anything about otherwise. I’ve met new friends and business associates who have similar interests and formed networks that will be useful long after the 30dc is over. It enables me to quickly and easily share tidbits that could be helpful for others too.

And besides all of that, it’s just fun! Because when you get down to it, isn’t that what life is about? Having fun, making friends and building networks.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
GTalk – silverlunace

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