From toolbar junkie to stats addict

23 Aug

First, Ed Dale made me a toolbar junkie . . . and now . . .

I’m a stats addict.

Thanks, Ed.

It’s all your fault. Now you have me cloaking links, checking stats on my links and checking stats on my blog.


Or more.

And I think they’re like the watched pot that never boils. Because they don’t seem to be moving. Well, the blog stats keep going up. (Thanks, readers!) But the links aren’t going anywhere fast.

I’m hoping we’ll get some more instruction on this before the Challenge is over. I mean, some ways to get people to click the link and buy what’s at the other end. Although I suppose some of that is the sales copy at the other end of the link. Still, there must something.

And yes, I understand the premise of good content and telling a story. That makes sense however, I’m not convinced that’s all there is to it.

What about placement? Text color? Type? And all those other elements?

Maybe those things just annoy me – I am a graphic designer, after all. One of those occupational hazards. But if you do have any thoughts about this, I’m all ears! Every little bit helps, right?

Oh look . . . time to check those stats again . . .

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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