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28 Aug

I have a niche I’ve been sitting on for over a year because I just didn’t know how to take it to the next level. Not that I didn’t try – I bought Butterfly Marketing, The 7 Figure Code and other programs trying to find an edge in the market – because it’s a tough one (and probably one Ed says we should steer clear of) – but I keep at it because I know the market well. It’s something I’m good at and have been doing as a hobby for many years and I want to share my knowledge and experience with others getting into it or trying to learn it.

And I think I’ve had a revelation today that will allow me to take it to the next level. I’m so excited about that I can hardly stand it. The kids will probably not allow me to get much work done until papa gets home from work, though, so I’m going to just work out a more long-term plan with it. desk.gif

It’s really too bad some niches are “off limits” because many of them are niches I know well. Take the health industry for example. I’m a health nut – holistic, all natural medicines, organic foods, natural cleaning products – the whole nine yards, as it were. And I can’t do anything in that niche because Ed says it’s a no-no.

Yeah, I’ve tried to find a cool little phrase in there somewhere that gets good ranking on the GTrends tool but nope, nothing. What a bummer.

I’m curious about everyone else’s niches too. Just curious – no underhanded thoughts there. I just want to know how my niches “fit” for lack of a better term with what others have found. So far, I haven’t found anyone doing either of my niches although one has a couple of very close – shall we say – relatives. 😉 I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Looks like I’m rambling here and I’ve totally lost my point, so I better go watch today’s videos again because I missed part of Rob’s first video and then go work on my niches a bit more. One isn’t performing well so I think I may change it a bit and maybe add one more platform before I decide whether or not to dump it.

Oh – and I’m getting very excited about next month! Ed said in his video today that the strategy we’ll be learning in September is product creation. I’ve studied it some already but I’m looking forward to Ed’s “golden nuggets” – he explains things in ways many others don’t and I really like that. I always pick up something from his instruction that never came through in others.

Have a great day today! And I’ll be back later with Part 3 of my Useful Tools thread.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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