Please Support Our Troops

3 Sep

I apologize for doing two posts like this in a row, but . . . this is another thing that’s close to my heart –

My cousins husband is a US Marine Corporal who is getting ready to leave for his 2nd tour in the Middle East. As a former Navy gal who served during Operation Desert Storm in the ’90’s, this one brings it home for me again. Eddie will be gone for 9 months or so this time and when he returns, he’ll be finished with his military career – he’s decided not to re-enlist.

Please keep my cousin and her husband in your thoughts and prayers – as well as all of our troops. They are both just young kids – they’re in their early 20’s – not even yet 25. They’ve only been married a year and a half and half of that, Eddie spent on his first tour.

Listen – you don’t have to believe the war is right or just. I sure don’t. Whatever you believe, please know these guys and gals are putting their lives on the line for YOU. And believe it or not, a good many of them don’t believe the war is right, either. But this is their JOB, their duty and they do it with fear and precision, with love and with honor. They do it with pride in American dream, the sense of freedom our forefather fought for so long ago. Don’t let them fight in vain. Please support the troops regardless of what you personally think about Bush and his war. (And that’s all I will say on this subject.)

And – Happy Labor Day to everyone in the US.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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