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5 Sep

Apple officially announced a new iPod today. The iPod Touch. From what I read/watched on Gizmodo, it looks really cool. Basically, it’s like an iPhone without the phone part. Even has Wi-Fi, iTunes and the iPhone’s Safari browser.

Steve Jobs also announced a price drop of $200 to iPhone! That’s huge! But . . .

I do not have an iPhone and I don’t plan on buying one (although if I did get a new phone, it would be the one) – I’m not really a phone type of gal. I have a pre-paid cell phone because I just don’t use it that much and can’t see spending a bazillion dollars a month on something I rarely use. But this new iPod Touch – now THAT I could use! It’s now on my must have wish list.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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