MarsEdit: Sig file test

7 Sep

Just testing the page template with the sig file inserted so I don’t have to type it in every time.

Looks like it works! Cool!

Now, to figure out if one can schedule posts for later . . .

Anybody know if that is possible in MarsEdit? And do you know of any other MarsEdit tricks? Do share! 😉

[UPDATE:] Never mind! I figured out how to set posts to a future date/time. And just in case you’re wondering too – here it is:

Future Posting

Some weblog systems, notably WordPress, include special support for posts with a future date. On these systems, a future date indicates that the post is scheduled for publication, and is not yet public. Check with your weblog system documentation to see if this behavior is supported.

For supported weblogs, just edit the date of a new post before sending to the weblog server. It will appear in your list of published posts, but will not be visible on the web until the specified date has arrived.

And that’s it! Looks pretty simple. I like that.

If you’re a blogger on a Mac and you’re not using MarsEdit yet, what are you waiting for??

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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