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7 Sep

Some of the most popular posts on this site have been my Useful Tools threads so I’m back again today with another post on those tools I use in my business that make things easier.

And the big one for today is something I just started using – MarsEdit.

MarsEdit. It’s a Mac app for posting to your blog or blogs straight from your desktop. No need to login. No need to open your web browser and go to your admin panel. Just type and send! It’s that easy. And I’m loving it! If you use a Windows based computer, I’m sorry – I have no idea if there’s an equivalent application for you but if someone knows of one, please feel free to post it in the comments.

UPDATE I read yesterday after posting this that Windows Live Writer can do the same thing for Windows based systems but I have no idea what blogging platforms it is compatible with.

Bloglines. It’s a feed reader for all those blogs you love to keep track of but don’t have the time to check every day. Now you can. Subscribe using Bloglines and it’ll tell you every time a post is added to your favorite blogs. You can read it from there, save the ones you like and more. And it’s free, too.

Scrivener. This is one fabulous piece of software! I’ve been using it for several months and love it. I can write everything there, complete with formatting and all kinds of cool stuff. It’s Mac only, sorry. But there is a cool app for Windows called KeyNote (not to be confused with the Apple program of the same name) that is very functional and I used it all the time on my Windows laptop. It’s no longer in development, but it still works great.

That’s all for now. I’ll write another post in the series probably next week.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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