Product Creation 2: Get Others to Write for You

10 Sep

A few days ago we talked about one way to create products – writing a workbook or study guide from a public domain resource. Today we’re going to continue talking about Product Creation and our 2nd idea is to get others to write an eBook for you.

This is another very, very easy way to create a product. Let’s say you want to write a book about growing tomatoes but perhaps you don’t have the time or the specialized knowledge to do it yourself. How can you then create a usable, quality product?

The answer – you find others who DO have the time and knowledge to contribute to the book. Go to forums and other places where gardeners hang out, watch and learn and then ask folks who seem to be well educated in growing tomatoes to write a chapter for you. And you do that with several people. You can do this with any subject, even.

When they turn their chapters in to you, you write an intro chapter, ensure things are cleaned up and flow well and put it all together. You’ve now got a book you can market or give away.

Now, it doesn’t have to be fancy – but it certainly does need to be neat and clean looking and well organized. I suggest making a PDF eBook so that it’s compatible with both Mac and PC users. They’re also more helpful for those who have slow connections and/or older computers. Just Google for “free pdf” and you’ll find some good resources for creating PDF documents quickly and easily. And Adobe Reader is free for anyone who downloads your book.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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