Special Offer: eBook Product Creation

Let me start off by saying this before anything else: it’s not my intent to use this blog to sell things. My goal here is to document my progress, thoughts, ideas and details of following the 30 Day Challenge as well as a few other programs I’m involved in.

Now, having said that – I know from looking at my traffic stats on this blog and my other sites that many people come here looking for help with product creation and similar keywords. That’s great! I love that this site seems to rank well for those without my even trying. And I like to think it’s because of the way Ed Dale and Dan Raine taught us to do things during the main part of the 30dc in August.

So, looking at that traffic and what brings it here, I’ve decided to offer a service to anyone who is looking for a little help. Mind you, I’m not an expert or guru on product creation but I do know a helluva a lot about design and creating eBooks. I’ve helped many people create eBooks in the past with rave reviews.

And I’ve helped a lot of people write articles, eBooks and other content. Many people come to me knowing loads of information on their given topic but feel they don’t write well. They simply want someone else to do all the writing for them. They find me or are referred to me by others to “ghostwrite” their stuff for them and I enjoy doing that.

Putting those two skills together seems like a good idea.

Normally I charge upwards of $350 each for eBook creation and ghostwriting with the average combined price being around $700-800. Today, I’ve decided to offer a package deal:

1. I will write your eBook for you from your material. You supply all links, base articles, pictures, and other documentation that will be used. I will then formulate an eBook based on that material, written in my own words – I will NOT plagiarize!

2. Once it’s written, I will design a cover and put it all together into a professional PDF eBook format.

You will receive 2 revisions as part of your package, original written material, original cover artwork and the eBook document. You will retain all rights to the eBook. The only thing I ask is that I be allowed to include my name and website as the artist and designer on the inside title page.

And the price will be $250 for the entire package. That’s more than half off my standard pricing.

Turnaround time will depend on how many orders I get, but on average, it will take about 10-14 days. I do require 50% down to begin the project and the remainder to be paid upon completion.

Please take advantage of this soon as I will not leave this offer on the table for very long. I accept PayPal and money orders only from US buyers and PayPal only from international buyers.

Buy Now!

Oh – and just one little disclaimer – I will not accept any projects that are adult related, unethical or otherwise questionable. If you’re not sure if your content falls into any of those categories, please email me with your project details before submitting payment.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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