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15 Sep

In my last post, I wrote that one way to overcome writer’s block was to schedule writing time for yourself and briefly mentioned many experts will tell you to write everyday. Now, while I don’t agree that if you don’t write daily, you’re not serious as many experts would have you believe, I’m going to show you how you can learn to write everyday.

Julia Cameron wrote a great series of books on the subject writing, one of which is called “The Artist’s Way.” I originally found this tip there.

Julia teaches a method called “Morning Pages” that is very helpful in overcoming writer’s block. Simply put, every morning – before you do anything else – you write. Anything.

Write with paper and pen. Use a computer. But write. Just get something down on paper. And the premise is, that even though it’ll be difficult in the beginning, after a while, you just get used to it and suddenly things find your way into your head and onto your paper.

I’ve been using this technique now for several years with great success. I now find that on days when I *don’t* write my morning pages, the flow of the day is all wrong.

Now, you don’t have write every morning. I didn’t when I first started. I wrote whenever I had a moment between kids’ activities. But I do find that getting my thoughts on paper first thing as sort of a “brain dump” makes the day go smoother. I don’t have all those jumbled thoughts smashing into each other and I can get down to business.

The best thing to do is schedule your time and then give this a try during your time and see where it takes you. You might just find it’s the best thing for your writing.

Next tip – reading your way through writer’s block.

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