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15 Sep

Reading your way through writer’s block

Maybe you’re sitting there thinking there’s no way in the world one can read their way through writers block. And that’s what I used to think too. It just doesn’t sound logical, does it?

But it is.

See, it’s a proven fact that readers are better writers. It’s also proven that readers are better speakers. The reason those are true is because your brain and your eye get used to certain structures, certain word combinations and so when you finally go to write something yourself, you will almost automatically follow that same formula.

Thus, writing becomes more natural. You learn by doing. And other than the act of writing itself, reading is a very natural way to learn that structure.

Read about anything. Growing tomatoes. Real Estate Investing. Read novels, romance stories, science fiction stories. Read magazines like Oprah’s O Magazine or Entrepreneur Weekly or Time. Whatever, just read.

And as you read, be on the lookout for topics and ideas. When you find something interesting, write it down in a small notebook. (Always keep a notebook handy!) Then, when you’re having trouble finding something to write about, get out your notebook.

You can also go places – out to eat, the park, movies, etc – and just listen to people around you. What are they talking about? What are they doing?

Watch them. Write it down.

Once you have that down, you’ve won half the battle. The next step is to let your imagination take over. Give your imagination permission to come out of hiding.

When you were a kid, you probably used your imagination readily and without much thought. But as you grew up, you learned that sometimes (like during school and other serious activities), adults frowned on using ones imagination. So, you learned to stuff your creativity in box.

Well, it’s time to let it out!

Does that make sense? We’ll talk more about using your imagination muscle to overcome writer’s block in the next post.

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