Overcome Writer’s Block 4

Let your imagination run riot!

I actually thought of this tip while I was reading Dr. Mani’s blog earlier. He had written a post about one way of being happy was to let your imagination run riot and I thought it fit with overcoming writer’s block as well.

Remember in the last post when I mentioned that as children, we were discouraged from using our imaginations? Well, what happened? We learned to stuff our creativity in a box, didn’t we?

And now that we need it, we have no idea how to use it. We might even get short tempered with our own kids when they’re being silly or illogical and tell them to quit letting their imaginations get away with them.

Bad idea, folks. Having a vivid imagintion can not only help you learn to be happy like Dr. Mani suggests, it can get you out of writer’s block when you need it most.

Think about it – when you were a kid and you needed an escape or needed a good story to tell your friends, you maybe told “tall tales” or exaggerated the truth, right? And learning how to tap into that now can help eliminate writer’s block.

Take out your notebook, write it down. Get in the habit of writing snippets of anything you hear – from the TV, the radio, other people’s conversations, kids – and use those in your morning writing prompts or scheduled writing time. (You did schedule your time, right?) Don’t forget ot keep that notebook with you at all times. It doesn’t have to be very big, just make sure it’s comfortable enough you to write in when something strikes you. Practice taking notes, even.

Then when you sit down to write, practice letting your imagination take over. Write fast. Write anything.

And that will be the next tip – learning to write quickly, without editing or formatting.

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