Overcome Writer’s Block 5

15 Sep

Write quickly without editing or formatting

It took me forever to learn to write without editing. And – admittedly – I still do it at times. But it’s hugely important to overcoming writer’s block.

Every time you stop for something, to fix a misspelled word, answer the phone, read an email or anything else, you lose momentum. And as you lose that momentum, your brain decides there are better things to do besides write. It becomes conditioned to doing anything but writing. So, when you finally sit down to write, your brain thinks it’s time to do something else.

The best way I’ve found to overcome that, is to sit down and write as FAST as absolutely possible. Turn your screen off if you have to if you’re using a computer. Blind fold yourself. Whatever you have to do so that those little annoying things like spelling mistakes and formatting annoyances don’t get your attention.

Don’t go back to fix anything until the very end. Don’t fix grammar, don’t fix spelling and for goodness sake, don’t fix any formatting! Just write! That’s your task during your writing time. Notice it isn’t called EDITING. It’s called WRITING.

Why? Because we are W R I T I N G! šŸ˜‰ We are putting thoughts down on paper.

Get it in your head that editing and writing are two VERY different things. And you’ll be well on your way to overcoming writer’s block. Your brain – and maybe even your fingers – will know that when you sit down to write, it’s job is be fully present, coming up with ideas and being in flow.

If you follow the act of writing quickly, not only will you – obviously – write faster, you’ll probably find the editing process to be much smoother too. And over time, you might even find you actually make less mistakes.

Next up – don’t edit your own work. You might be surprised how this can help you overcome writer’s block.

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