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15 Sep

Have a clean workspace

Just like natures abhors a vacuum, your brain dislikes clutter. Brains just don’t function well when things are disorganized. Having a clean workspace can help you overcome writer’s block.

Being organized really is helpful. Not only does it save you time when you’re trying to find things, it also invokes a feeling of peace and calmness.

Don’t believe me?

Trash your workspace and then just TRY sitting there without feeling cramped. I bet it will get to you at some point. You’ll want to move things out of your line of vision. You might want to throw things out. Or you’ll waste time finding that report you printed out for your rush project.

Once your thought and concentration go down the tube, you’ll clam up and everything you intended to write will be long gone.

Distractions are the biggest culprit to unproductive writing and contribute to the top reasons why writers experience writer’s block. And some of the most common distractions, besides outside noise like family, are workspace clutter.

Get organized. Put things away. Keep things neat and come up with a system for keeping everything in it’s place. Your writing time will be more productive. And when you have productive writing time, you tend to stay on task much better which always leads to reducing writer’s block.

When you’re productive, your brain learns trust and enjoy your writing time instead of dreading it.

And next, we’ll talk more about ways to enjoy the writing process and “get in the mood.”

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