Overcome Writer’s Block 9

15 Sep

Discovering Your Flow or When to Write

Although this is my last for tonight, I will be continuing this series as I still have many more tips for overcoming writer’s block.

So – the big question – how do I get in the flow?

There’s no perfect answer here. People work differently. For example, I tend to be a night person. I do not do mornings well and so my most productive time is often afternoon and evening. That’s why I chose to do the blogathon late in the afternoon here instead of starting earlier.

In any case, you can find your flow by figuring out when you’re most alert, when you feel like you do your best work. Ask yourself a few questions like:

When do I feel most active?
What time of day do I feel most alert and awake?
Do I like to get up early in the morning?
Or do I prefer to stay up late at night?

It’s really that simple.

But I know for a lot of people, myself included, we can’t always work at the our most productive time of day. During the week when my husband is at work, I often don’t get to work until later in the evening although my most optimum time of day is afternoon.

In times like that, we have to learn to work through the distractions. It can be hard! Especially if you have little kids at home. But if you take steps to keep yourself organized and implement some of the other ideas we’ve talked about in previous posts, you’ll find it easier to overcome other obstacles – like temper tantrums! 😉

And with all of these “tools” up your sleeve, you’ll be a writing maniac in no time!

Thank you for following along! Have a great evening!

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One Response to “Overcome Writer’s Block 9”

  1. Steph White September 16, 2007 at 1:10 am #

    Hi Annie,

    Great ‘mini series’ – I leant a lot! I particularly liked the points you make about reading.

    Congrats on finishing the blogathon – despite your interuptions! Dr mani’s tireless work is so deserving of our support.

    Catch you later!


    P.s. Apologies for not being here to support you during your blogging – I dropped off soon after finishing my blogging and slept for six hours straight! (unheard of for me:)

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