Overcome Writer’s Block 8

15 Sep

Getting in the mood

Setting the scene of your workspace can do wonders for your enthusiasm as well as your muse. When you feel relaxed, calm, and happy, it’s much easier to overcome writer’s block.

One of the best ways I’ve found to overcome writer’s block besides having a clean workspace liked we talked about in our last post, is to have a quiet, warm, atmosphere.

Fortunately, I have a home office of my own where I can go and close the door. I know many people don’t have that small luxury. So, it’s particularly important for you to find somewhere you can write comfortably. Preferably, it should be away from outside distractions like family, phones ringing, televisions and the like.

Now, I love music. And for me, writing with quiet, yet energetic music in the background is beneficial. So, I have a stereo system and all my CD’s in my office. I can crank up the tunes and drown out all the background noise from my kids and husband or neighborhood lawnmowers and dogs barking.

Another point about getting in the mood, is having good lighting and a comfortable desk and chair. Especially if you write using a computer. Ideas flow much easier when the environment is nice to be in.

You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment but your space should be well lit, your chair should be easy and comfortable to sit in and any items like notepad and paper that you may need, should all be within reach. If you need books and papers to be spread out while you’re working, you’ll need a desk or table with adequate space to accommodate those things.

Hang posters, pictures and other memorabilia on your walls or place them on shelves so that you have things to inspire you as you work.

Your goal is to have an environment that is safe, clean, organized and a pleasure to be in that will allow you to work at optimum performance.

Which brings us to our last post for the blogathon – when to write and discovering your flow.

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