Yikes! Has it really been that long?

Sorry, guys! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d posted. Guess going to school full time and working in between everything else doesn’t leave me much time to keep in touch with you.

How’s everyone doing?

Well, I think here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve gone straight from almost-summer to winter. It’s only 30 degrees this morning! But at least the sun is shining. 😉

I’ll be back soon with some additional stuff – I promise. For now, let’s talk about NaNoWriMo – that’s National Novel Writing Month. It begins November 1, 2007 and I’m busily getting ready for it.

Now, I am a little ashamed to admit I’ve never won before. I know, that sounds really bad – especially from a published author. I get really close but don’t quite seem to ever hit the 50,000 word mark. And this year, I aim to change that. I’ve been reading Chris Baty’s “No Plot? No Problem!” and it’s very, very useful for someone like me. (Chris Baty, in case you’re not sure, is the guy who began and now heads the NaNoWriMo.)

This weekend I’ll be sitting down in my office with the door closed and making sure my homework for next week is as good as done, if not actually done so that I can get off to a good start. Thankfully, I only have one class this quarter (which ends Nov. 7. Can you believe that?) but I have 2 next quarter and one of them is pretty heavy so it’s going to get more challenging rather quickly, I think.

If you’d like to check NaNoWriMo out, just click any of the NaNoWriMo references – I made them all hyperlinks.

Ok – that’s all for today. I hope everyone is doing well.

~ Annie