Thirty Day Challenge 2008

Well, it’s officially Pre-Season for Thirty Day Challenge 2008 with Ed Dale and Dan Raine. And I’m very excited.

Ed has already shared a couple of things on such as the social web browser, Flock and hinted at other tools we’ll be using this year like Google Reader.

I must admit so far, though, that Flock is cool, even if it is a bit annoying. For example, downloads are slower on Flock than I on my preferred browser, Firefox (which I’ve been using for years) and it has crashed on me over the past 3-4 days more times than Firefox beta 3 has since I began using it a few months ago.

That said, I do like the tools within Flock.

Anyway, Thirty Day Challenge officially launches August 1st and pre-season started June 1st. I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already done so. You will learn a lot!

Make it a great day!

~ Annie

iPhone – how I wish for thee . . .

I’ve been drooling over an iPhone since Apple announced them several long months ago but just haven’t been able to reconcile the price with my frugal mind. So, I don’t have one.

But I *do* WANT one!

And Ashley Morgan over at UpstartBlogger is giving some away. Three, to be exact, and yes, quite frankly – this post is my attempt at securing one.

So . . . go forth . . . and win an iPhone! Just make sure you leave one for me. 😉

~ Annie

PS – I apologize for the seriously LONG absence over here. With the 30DC starting up again (pre-season going on Right NOW), I’ll be here regularly again. See you soon!