30dc Day One

1 Aug

Day One

Today is the Day One of this years Thirty Day Challenge and I’ve just finished watching all of the videos. I also re-watched a few of the pre-season videos. It’s simply amazing what you can do with Flock, Google Reader and some of the other tools. The changes this year look to be phenomenal and it’s all because of these cool tools. Definitely awesomeness.

iTunes (a small rant)

The only thing I find slightly irritating this year is that there doesn’t seem to be direct feed for downloading each days videos automatically into iTunes. One must first download the video link to their computer and then import into iTunes. A bit cumbersome and time-consuming for someone like me who has multiple interruptions every five-flippin-seconds (read: kids and telephones and stuff like that). I really hope Ed decides to provide a subscribe via iTunes option at some point – preferably very soon.

Today’s Assignment

The getting of ideas. I’ll be spending some time here shortly using Amazon.com as Ed suggests in today’s 3rd video “Get an Idea” to come up with 5-10 niches. I also still need to get on a team (if you’re looking for another team member, let me know). I’ve not been very good during pre-season with keeping up with the forums. Just too much other stuff going on. So that’s going to be a priority over the next few days.

Misc. Thoughts

I think the Challenge is off to a good start and I’m really looking forward to the next lessons. I’ll be gone tomorrow so I might have some catching up to do. Of course, if Ed continues with the schedule he’s used in year’s past, the weekends will be used to catch up on the week’s lessons and Ed will only post lessons and etc during the week. Anybody know if that’s the case this year?

So, what do you think of the first day?

~ Annie (lsandrsn on the 30dc forum)



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