Hi! My name is Annie Anderson, aka Silverlunace.

Just a bit about me . . .

I live in the Pacific Northwest about an hour North of Seattle, Washington in the USA and I’m a work at home mom. I’ve been working at home going on 10 years now with writing and graphic design being my main source of freelancing although I also JV Broker for marketers and provide admin support to real estate investors. I’m also an investor myself in my spare time (what’s that??) and have been doing that for about 9 years.

My husband and I have 4 kids, ranging in age from 3 to 13 – 2 boys and 2 girls. We enjoy watching CSI: Miami, Charmed, Judging Amy, 24, Numb3rs, Damages, Crossing Jordan and crime related shows.

Besides the above, I am an avid reader, love bike riding, beachcombing, ferry rides, lighthouses, swimming, gardening, writing, fishing, hiking, and traveling. My favorite places on earth are Port Townsend, Washington and Maui, Hawaii although Seattle will always be home – no matter where I am.

I love computers, especially my MacBook Pro and I count raspberries, vanilla ice cream, coffee, asparagus, broccoli, salmon, and nectarines among my favorite foods. Cooking is also something I enjoy a lot. And – I’m mostly vegetarian.

So – there you have it! Probably more than you ever wanted to know 😉 and I thank you for reading this far.

You can find me on these places –
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, The Thirty Day Challenge and more. Just ask!

My websites include –
Main blog – http://annieanderson.wordpress.com
Website – http://www.thewritepoint.com

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