Testing WordPress 2.7

This is just a test post of the new WordPress 2.7 admin that was updated today.

So far, while I like most of it, there are a couple of things that are not in intuitive places and I find them rather cumbersome. But I really do like the drag and drop on the dashboard. That is very nice. I also like that the write post page makes use of the whole screen. That is definitely an improvement over WP 2.5.

Things are looking good! I may write a more thorough review later once it’s fully rolled out and I’ve had a chance to use it for a few days.

What do you think of WP 2.7 so far?

~ Annie

I’m so far behind . . .

alarmclock.jpgI’m so far behind on the Challenge . . . I’m still on Day 2. Hopefully I can finish it today as well as Days 3 and possibly 4. I think Day 5 will have to wait until tomorrow.

So far, the Market Samurai looks like an awesome tool. I’ve watched about the half of the Day 2 videos with GuruBob. It looks amazing! I can’t wait to get the point where I can try it out. Hopefully soon.

I’ve put my little guy (who is going to be 4 next week!!!) down for a nap and the other kids are all occupied with activities and I put some chicken in the crockpot for dinner so I can concentrate on the 30dc this afternoon with – hopefully – no interruptions.

Hey, it could happen . . . 😉

Experiencing the awesomeness,

(lsandrsn on the 30dc forum)
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My thoughts on the tools for the Thirty Day Challenge ’08, part 2

Yesterday I told you about some of the tools we’re using in the Thirty Day Challenge this year and as my post got a little long-winded, I decided to break it up into 2 parts. So, here’s Part 2!

So, today we’re going to talk about StumbleUpon, YouTube, Google Subscribe and FriendFeed.


StumbleUpon is a tool we used last year as well and if you’re not familiar with it, basically, it’s a social bookmarking sharing site. (That’s a mouthful!) You “stumble” sites you like (or don’t like) and let everyone know what you think. You can share links to just about anywhere and anything. Like most social networks, you can add friends and you have profile page where others can view what you’ve liked/disliked. There’s also a handy toolbar you can install on your browser if you choose. Personally, I find toolbars annoying as hell and only use them sparingly. The one exception, of course, is the 30dc toolbar.


If you don’t know what YouTube is by now, I think you’ve been hiding under a rock. 😉 My 3 year old even knows what YouTube is. (He likes to watch Thomas the Tank Engine videos.) For the 30dc, YouTube comes in very handy for a variety of reasons, the major one being that this is where Ed Dale shares all of this seasons training and tidbits. Ed teaches you how to search, subscribe and effectively use this handy site.

Google Subscribe

I’m still a little mystified with this one and don’t really quite it fully. I’m sure by season’s end, I’ll have it down pat, but right now, not so much. According to the pre-season training,

“What it means for you as a 30DC participant is that Ed will be able to help you with your searches on Google. Including opinions reviews, and any relevant info depending on what you’re searching for.”

So, I guess it’s usefulness truly remains to be seen at this point.


This is another awesome tool. FriendFeed allows you to see what your friends are doing all over the web. Yes, of course, it’s another social media networking site but isn’t that what it’s all about? 😉 There’s just much about it, I can’t even begin to describe it. If you use Twhirl (which I talked about yesterday), you can follow your FriendFeed as well as your Twitter updates. Very cool.

So there you have it. Those are all of the tools we discussed in pre-season. I’m sure there’s more awesomeness coming down the pike, so stay tuned!

And if you’ve figured out the whole Google Subscribe thing, please feel free to tell me all about it in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

See you again soon,

~ Annie (lsandrsn on the 30dc forum)

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My thoughts on the tools for Thirty Day Challenge ’08

Ed and Dan have introduced some great tools for this years challenge during pre-season and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them so far.


Flock is a “social media” browser built on the Mozilla engine (the same engine Firefox uses). Part of it’s awesomeness is that *most* firefox extensions will work in Flock. In fact, so far, of all the extensions I use (about 20), I’ve not found one that isn’t compatible. Another great thing about Flock is that a lot of the other tools (like twitter, youtube, facebook, etc) all integrate with the browser which means you can sign in to those accounts automatically. It even integrates with all your Google accounts, including gmail.

One of the coolest things about Flock, is that it makes subscribing to RSS feeds super simple. On any page with a live feed, a little RSS icon will turn orange on your address bar. All you have to do is click that icon and it subscribes to the feed for you. It’ll even remember your favorite feed reader and load it right in.

And the second coolest thing about Flock is the Media Bar. Anytime you land on a page (like flickr, youtube, and the like), that has media like videos and pictures, a bar opens up at the top of the browser window and shows you all of the content on that page. You can subscribe to the content, even! Just like an RSS feed!


Twitter is definitely awesome! It’s like a mini conversation hub. You can share thoughts, ideas, links and just about anything else – as long as it’s only 140 characters long. It brings “social” to your desktop and allows you to interact, in real time, with other twitterers all around the world.


I’ve actually been using Twhirl for quite some time (at the prompting of some of my Twitter friends) and at first, I didn’t really like it. But I’ve gotten to where it’s one of those tools I’d rather not be without. Twhirl is simply a desktop client, compatible to both Windows and Mac, that uses Adobe Air as it’s platform and allows you to Twitter from your desktop as opposed to Twitter’s web interface. (You can even use Pownce from Twhirl.) If you Twitter – and you SHOULD – check out Twhirl.

Google Reader

This is one awesome reader! I used to use bloglines and although I liked it, it was lacking function that I found frustrating. I then went to a desktop client for a while until I finally decided to try Google Reader. One of the things I like best is the ability to use what’s called list view. This allows me to see the blog name, the post title and brief snippet of the opening paragraph. It lets me decide if I want to open it up and read it or not. And I’ll tell ya, with over 300 feeds in my reader, it sure makes reading A LOT faster.

And just like gmail, Google Reader has a star system so you can save the ones you like most for easy finding later. It also allows you to organize your feeds by folders. I keep all of my “must reads” in a folder called Favorites and browse it first every day.

You can also set it show only new posts or to show all posts. I love this feature and keep it set on show new that it’s easy to find new stuff and be bogged down by stuff I’ve already read.

If you have the greasemonkey and the stylish extensions installed, you can even view the actual post page form the originating blog. This is great if you want to leave a comment but don’t want to have to go to the blog to actually do it. A very big time saver for me.

Ok . . . this is getting rather long and I’m only half way through the cool tools. So, for your sake, dear reader, I will break this into 2 chunks and post part 2 tomorrow.

~ Annie (lsandrsn on the 30dc forum)

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Weight Loss & Marketing

Do weight loss and marketing have anything in common?


How is that?

Well, they both require commitment, they both require a system that must be followed and they both take time. This year, my plan is to go full tilt on both.

But it’s not all about weight loss, really. It’s more about a lifestyle change – exercise, healthy eating, mental clarity – they all play a part. So, to document what I’m doing for health, I’ve created a new blog called The Weight Loss Papers. You’ll find it at http://theweightlosspapers.com. And I’ll continue to track my marketing progress here at internet marketing & more.

I’ve just secured an internship to learn more about internet marketing. I’ll be able to implement what I’m learning there into my own businesses. It’s not a paid internship but I think it’s going to work out well nonetheless, especially as things really get cooking with my own business efforts.

This year in addition to marketing, I’m focusing on my writing business. I’m just now beginning a new marketing campaign that promises some good results. My mentor is sure I can make upwards of $10k per month very soon. And I’m so excited about that!

What are your goals for 2008? Feel free to post in the comments or post on your own blog with a link back here. Whatever you do in 2008, remember to HAVE FUN!

~ Annie

Yikes! Has it really been that long?

Sorry, guys! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d posted. Guess going to school full time and working in between everything else doesn’t leave me much time to keep in touch with you.

How’s everyone doing?

Well, I think here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve gone straight from almost-summer to winter. It’s only 30 degrees this morning! But at least the sun is shining. 😉

I’ll be back soon with some additional stuff – I promise. For now, let’s talk about NaNoWriMo – that’s National Novel Writing Month. It begins November 1, 2007 and I’m busily getting ready for it.

Now, I am a little ashamed to admit I’ve never won before. I know, that sounds really bad – especially from a published author. I get really close but don’t quite seem to ever hit the 50,000 word mark. And this year, I aim to change that. I’ve been reading Chris Baty’s “No Plot? No Problem!” and it’s very, very useful for someone like me. (Chris Baty, in case you’re not sure, is the guy who began and now heads the NaNoWriMo.)

This weekend I’ll be sitting down in my office with the door closed and making sure my homework for next week is as good as done, if not actually done so that I can get off to a good start. Thankfully, I only have one class this quarter (which ends Nov. 7. Can you believe that?) but I have 2 next quarter and one of them is pretty heavy so it’s going to get more challenging rather quickly, I think.

If you’d like to check NaNoWriMo out, just click any of the NaNoWriMo references – I made them all hyperlinks.

Ok – that’s all for today. I hope everyone is doing well.

~ Annie

No Lesson Until Monday!

Oh man!

I just got Ed Dale’s blog post on the Thirty Day Challenge blog that as he’s hopping a plane for London today, the lesson won’t be up until Monday. Damn!

But that’s ok, right?

The other day I briefly wrote an Intro about product creation that shows 5 ways you can make products of your own. And today we’ll be discussing #1 on that list – Write a workbook or guide using a public domain resource. So look for that post later today.

~Annie (lsandrsn on the forum)
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